Vision, Intention, Action

    Pixel-Perfect Sketch Files, High-Fidelity Invision and Principle Prototypes


    Creating experiences that inspire and empower. 


    Prioritizing product roadmaps, balancing user needs with technical constraints and business goals.


    Leading passionate teams from concepts to products.


    I advise start-ups at the world's best accelerators like StartX and Matter.vc


    Jam, by Playlist.Inc

    Product Lead, 2016-Present


    I joined the Playlist team designing a new direction for the company to focus their music-streaming service around a young, live-listening experience. At Jam, we're trying to make music social.

    I designed the feature-set, the branding, the UI/UX of the mobile app experience, organized the product roadmap and led the engineering team through weekly sprints to launch the minimum viable product.

    It's a hard space, but super proud of what we accomplished.


    Download it here!




    Director of Design, 2016-Present


    Led strategy to build the MVP for the Starling: the world's first wearable for words to help overcome the "word-gap" and increase engagement between parents and newborns. The first iteration of the mobile-app and hardware device creates an experience for parent with a "daily-word-goal" supplemented with activity suggestions in-app.


    Director UI/UX


    I joined Nearpod after their Series A in 2015 to lead the redesign of the company and design their flagship iOS app for teachers and students. Over 250,000 daily active users. 4-star review in the app store.


    Since my redesign, the customers (paying paying and free) have more than doubled over the past year.


    Responsibilities: branding (defined our slogan around: "Tools for the most important job in the world"), the UI/UX of our native mobile apps (iOS and Android), and coordinating with an international development team to execute a strategically complex roll-out for this truly cross-platform product.


    Designer (Special Projects), June 2015 - Present


    Branch applies machine-learning to mobile phone data to determine the credit worthiness of the world's underbanked. I've been working on Branch since it's early pre-office days. Now, I do billboards in Africa for the brand, among other things.


    Our Billboard campaign was so successful, all other advertising initiatives were stopped.




    Designer, Oct 2015 - March 2016


    Puddle is a fin-tech platform allowing people to create liquidity with others they trust by pooling their contributions together.


    I redesigned the landing page to optimize for new user conversion, and redesigned the user-invite flow and email templates. New user conversion from invites went up by more than 200%.


    Contractor, Summer 2015


    Contract work involved designing referral pages and user-flows for creating campaigns.


    Lead Designer, Dec. 2013 - Aug. 2015 (acquired by Change.org)



    Louder works to enable everyday individuals to have more influence in the public sphere, by shaping the public conversation and taking back the advertising industry. Currently, we're experimenting with giving reach to artists, makers and creative people at   give.louder.org


    Alumni of the Matter accelerator, changing media for good. (see Matter.vc)


    I had the pleasure of working on the Kiva Zip team (bringing micro-lending to small-businesses in America & Kenya).


    I redesigned the home page and about page, top-bar navigation and footer.


    Design Strategist, Sept. 2013 - Feb 2014


    MyProject.is allows everyone to build collaborative communities and work together on the projects they care about.


    My responsibilities combined the roles of lead Designer, and Product Manager. Defining, refining, and launching a social-collaboration network.


    Stanford StartX'13


    Founder, 2012 - 2013


    RunForIt is creating a mobile platform allowing people to raise money for causes they care about, for free, almost any-time and virtually anywhere: by exercising with a mobile device.


    We launched the world’s first mobile-5k: the iOS app Trees for Cities. With a 5-star rating in the app-store, we raised $5,000 for the organization and were featured in WIRED (UK), The Independent (UK), and Connected Health.


    (new website expected to launch 4/2014)

    Center for Education Policy Analysis

    Project Coordinator, May 2012 - May 2013

    Lead Researcher, Aug. 2011 - May 2012 (promotion)


    As the Project Coordinator for CEPA I wore many hats while working simultaneously under both the executive and faculty director. Within the same day I would be constructing a database of strategic partners for business development, designing print and digital materials for brand identity (e.g., custom power-point templates, folders, business cards), planning our special events, and performing qualitative data analysis on hundreds of interviews. 


    As the lead researcher, I organized and led teams of graduate students to join me in travelling around the country to hundreds of elementary, middle, and high schools for a multi-million dollar research study. 



    Esalen Institute

    Assistant Instructor, Summer 2009

    Led a group of 30 professionals from around the world through a one-month long intensive on performance, movement, voice and leadership at Esalen retreat center in Big Sur, CA.

    Stanford University

    BA Philosophy, 2007-2012


    As an undergrad, I had the opportunity to travel around the country and internationally to present original philosophical work, which has been published in undergraduate philosophy journals, and mentioned in the Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche.


    Activities: Stanford Shakespeare Company, Phi Kappa Psi, Dj'ing, Magdalen College Boat Club (Summer VIIIs 2010), Stanford Undergraduate Philosophy Club.